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Elementary School: ModernBrain's Season In Review (2023)

DTE proudly partnered with ModernBrain to provide Speech & Debate classes to Bay Area since 2017. Join us this fall!

ModernBrain, the premier after school enrichment and public speaking tutoring company for competitive K-12 students, has enjoyed an exceptional year of achievements. Our students have consistently proven their talent, versatility, and dedication to the art of public speaking.

  1. A Strong Start for our Elementary Nationals Team: This year, we launched our Elementary Nationals Team with a vision to nurture young public speakers and foster their growth. We assembled a talented group of students who quickly showcased their potential and dedication to the craft. Through rigorous training, personalized coaching, and a supportive learning environment, our elementary team has made an impressive mark in the world of competitive public speaking.

  2. Among the Strongest in the World: Despite being a newly formed team, our elementary students wasted no time in establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Their unwavering commitment, combined with the guidance of our experienced coaches, has allowed them to consistently excel in various competitions. Our team's rapid rise to prominence has been a testament to their hard work, passion, and the exceptional training they receive at ModernBrain.

  3. Consistent Success at Every Tournament: At ModernBrain, we pride ourselves on nurturing well-rounded public speakers who can excel in a range of disciplines. Our students have consistently showcased their versatility and proficiency in various categories, leaving a lasting impression on the judges and their peers. We are thrilled to share that our elementary program never placed below 2nd at any tournament we attended, from the National Online Forensics League to the Professional Speech and Debate Association. This consistent success speaks volumes about the caliber of our students and the effectiveness of our training methods.

  4. National Honors in a Wide Range of Categories: At ModernBrain, we believe in empowering our students to explore different styles of public speaking and develop their unique voices. As a result, our students have earned national honors in a wide array of categories, including Declamation, Impromptu, Informative, Original Oratory, Prose, Spontaneous Argumentation, Storytelling, and Student Congress. This remarkable achievement is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and the comprehensive training they receive at ModernBrain.

  5. A Legacy of Elementary School Championships: The passion and talent of our students have propelled them to extraordinary heights, resulting in over 30 elementary school championships won during this year alone. Their consistent triumphs have not only brought recognition to our program but have also instilled a sense of pride and accomplishment in each and every student.

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