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Computer Class

2024 Coding Schedule

Our coding courses are offered all year long.  You can join our classes by

  • Attending a scheduled group class.

  • Requesting a group class by subject with flexible schedule.

  • Requesting a private session.


  • 1/20/2024 (Sat) to 5/11/2024(Sat)

  • All classes are online in Zoom. We use Canvas online classroom for all teaching materials and homework assignments. Make sure you have an account.

Tuition: Weekly 2-hour class tuition: $970. Students need to buy textbook with additional cost varied by course.

Class Policies:

  • All classes are online and live in Zoom. We use Canvas classroom for class management. 

  • Students need to use theirs own laptops with required software pre-installed. Chromebook/IPAD is not allowed.

  • Absence Policy: if the student will miss a class please contact us to request a video before the missing class date. Recording is by request so if you make the request after the class there will be no recording available. Video will only be available for a week.

2024 Spring Coding Schedule

Course Catalog


Mon 7-9 pm Python I Introduction (5-8th)

Tue 7-9 pm Python II Advanced - Data Science (6th-9th)

Wed 7-9 pm Java I Introduction (7th-11th)

Thu 7-9 pm JavaScript Introduction (5-8th)

Fri  7-9 pm AP CSA (8th-12th)

Sat 1-3 pm Python I Introduction (5-8th)

Sat 3:15-5:15 pm Java I Introduction (7th-11th)


  • Early bird: 8% off if registered before 12/31/23.

  • Sibling discount: second child gets addition 10% off. Can be combined with any Speech & Debate classes.

  • Multiple classes discount: additional 10% off the second class(applied to the lowest). Can be combined with any Speech and Debate classes.

  • Group discount: 12% off if enrolled in group of 3 or more in same class. Tuition is non-refundable.


  • Mr. Chu. MS in Computer Engineering, more than 20 years of Java & Python Developer experience from various top companies turned to a full time instructor. Being teaching at bay area well known private middle and high schools and local colleges. Joined DTE in 2018. 

  • Mr. Colin. Python & Javascript full stack engineer, well versed gui programming, web frameworks and machine learning tools. Being teaching at bay area well known private middle and high schools and local colleges. Joined DTE in 2019.

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