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Class Makeup Request

  • This request form is for Speech & Debate category class only.  All makeup requests must be done via this form at least 48 hours before the missed or the requested makeup class. Makeups done with less than 48 hours before class may not be allowed or get processed in time.

  • In case of sudden illness or emergency with 48 hours, emails are fine to let us know your child will miss class but please use this form to schedule the makeup.

  • Please do not show up for a makeup class until you have received and read the confirmation email (or sometimes we will notify you via social Messenger tools, Text etc) . You'll receive this after we process the makeup request and have prepared everything for makeup class.  

  • We allow 3 times of makeups as the max limit in a semester. 

  • We allow 1 rescheduling of makeup class. If you're unable to come to the makeup after it has been rescheduled, we cannot offer another makeup.

  • How to select a makeup class?

    • Please check current semester schedule. ​You may select the makeup class title exactly the same as what the student is taking. You are allowed to take makeup online or in-person.  For example, if the student is taking a regular class  at Cupertino location in person, you may choose an online option as a makeup.

    • If your class does not have multiple options for makeup, sorry, there is no makeup available, such as some national team or specialty classes. The makeup option is granted by class availability.

  • If you still have questions, please use Online Chat or Contact us.

Makeup Request Form

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