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Top Math Summer Camps in the US

Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS): This six-week program focuses on advanced mathematics and problem-solving. It's known for its intellectually stimulating environment and its emphasis on collaboration and teamwork.

Canada/USA Mathcamp: This camp is known for its strong emphasis on problem-solving and its supportive community. Students take courses in a variety of topics, and there are also many opportunities for extracurricular activities.

The Ross Mathematics Program: The Ross Program is another highly respected program that offers challenging courses in a variety of topics. Students also have the opportunity to participate in research projects and attend lectures by guest speakers.

Stanford University Mathematics Camp (SUMaC): SUMaC offers both residential and online summer math programs. The residential program is intensive and challenging, while the online program is more flexible and self-paced. Both programs offer a variety of courses in a variety of topics.

Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics (HCSSIM): HCSSIM is a unique program that offers a more informal and collaborative learning environment. Students take courses in a variety of topics, but there is also a strong emphasis on independent study and exploration.

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