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4th Annual YA Contest!

2024 Forth Annual Young Achievers Contest Contest (K-12)

Sponsor: SVWA & GLOGDA Youth Clubs

You can choose to work individually or in pairs

Two categories:

I. Ecology / Climate Change / Green Energy short articles, or editorials

II. Other writings:

  • Creative Writing – any topic: Short story, Poetry

  • Art and Design: photo, drawing, video, multimedia, fashion design, architectural

  • Current Events or Policies short articles or editorials

  • T-shirt Design or stories (for SC Design Club T-shirt designers)

  • Science fair, math or CS related topics / articles

End date: 9/30/2024 

There will be winners in each category and overall we will have a few grand prizes in the two categories with prize below:

  • First place (1) $100 (one per category)

  • Second place (4) $50 (two per category)

  • Third place (8) $25 (four per category)

  • Honorable mentions

Contest Evaluation Criteria:

  • Originality

  • Delivery

  • Structure

  • Evidence

  • Creativity

Please PASS to others see if they are interested! You might get $5 reward being the community leader!!!

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